Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free MP3 Download

A simple interface to search, download and play millions of free and quality MP3 music on public domains.

* Multiple search engines
* Various music charts
* Show lyrics, album cover when playing
* Create your own ringtone and assign to contact

#Read and write contact permission is need for assign custom ringtone to contact.

# WiFi is recommended
# Sprint users attention
Please disable sprint proxy or use WiFi

This app contains simplify interface of public search engines. Permitted use for public domain audio files only!

Download APK for Android

Note: To install the download .apk file, you should press HOME key, then click Settings -> Applications, check Unknown sources.  For advanced version, check GTunes Music


  1. How come icant find it in the market anymore :/

  2. My gTunes was automatically updated to gPod. I had to factory reset my phone. Now I can't find the app on the market. Can someone please tell me where to get the .apk from again ? Love the program and would be hapy to donate as well. Thanks.

    1. I have the. Apk I can send it to your email

  3. I want to download 2 songs and I cant find it, its perform this way by weird al yankovic and history (original not remix) by michael jackson. Please upload it in the app, I really appretiate it, thanks.

  4. Heyy guys if yuu want the app go to type in gtune get the apk then update it that all

  5. This apps is cool but it would be nice to specify new default directories or at least read the scanned music media file to refresh the library. Also, not have all music wiped if/when the app is removed too.

  6. Yea I cant find it on the market either! I had this app on a old phone and now I cant find it for the new phone! There are so many other apps named gtunes. How can we find your app?

  7. This pps is great but it still download a song already in the library song list! The older version did let you know "the same song is in your library, please check it..." something like it so you don't have douplicate songs in your library.

  8. I updated to the latest version and now my phone (Droid X) shuts itself off and reboots every time I try to listen to a song. The songs play for about 2 minutes before phone shuts down and reboots. Happens with every song I try to play.

  9. How do I delete albums from my library?

  10. Now that I updated to gtunes my search engine sucks!!! Search engine A has no songs and search engine B has very limited!!!!!

  11. Yeah what has happened to gtunes? are they busted for allowing free downloads or what?

  12. Download gtunes v6 app it is very similar to this one and it works.

  13. It use to work great, but now its shit! It was time to update. It said all data would be saved. Guess what? All my playlist were gone n no music to be found! :( And the search engine hasnt worked since! :( Grrrrrrrff!